Straight up life update!

So there are some pretty exiting things going on in my life right now so I’m just gonna give you an update! So I’ve have been selected to be Tuckahoe library Reader of the Month for January 2018 also my b-day is coming up and for that we are going to Delaware because I have family there and I was born there so yeah! I had ordered some stuff from Amazon with a gift card from my grandma and that got here except for the purse that hasn’t come yet. The things I did get are hamster bedding, treats and carrier all for Amber. Oh speaking of Amber one of the last things is that recently I have gotten a new hamster after my hamster peaches passed away. For her story visit this link,Ambers story. Ok last thing I am doing this thing where you can have your pet featured in a future post so for more info about that visit this link,Get your pet featured! Thanks for reading bye!


Get your pet featured!

For a chance to have your pet featured in a future post Email me, your name or username, your pets name, a photo of your pet and something about your pet! And in a future post I will leave a link to your blog or website ( if you have one.) and I’ll put your photo of your pet, your something about your pet and your name or username! Here is my Email!,

I’m keeping a live count here for how many people participate!


Hope you participate! Bye!


So you will never guess what my mom and dad surprised me and my brother! So there is this hotel called the Jefferson and it’s like really fancy and she works here so we get a discount! Yay! We have two queen sized beds a TV and a window a extra room and a really big bathroom with a tv built into the mirror! It’s amazing! I’ve been wanting to stay here for a so long and we finally. But we kinda got here about 2 hours ago and we went to the indoor pool it was so much fun!

Eww Donald Trump Dump my grandma and grandpa are also staying here! Awesome sauce!


A couple of days ago we got about maybe 3 inches of really powdery snow! It’s so much fun to play in and so beautiful it’s night right now so I can’t take photos right but I’ll try and get some tomorrow. The book I’m reading right now is called Maybe A Fox by Kathi Appelt. Tomorrow I’m planning on asking my dad to go to the store for Elmers glue, my dads birthday is coming up and so is mine! My poster for Tuckahoe Library Reader of the Month is up at the Tuckahoe library.

That’s pretty much it so I’ll see ya maybe tomorrow. So bye!

Penguin Paradise a complex company.

A couple days ago I decided that P.P would only be a complex company witch means I will not be doing Etsy because Etsy was just a bit to hard for just one person. This post was just going to be for telling you that so hope you enjoyed reading! Bye!

Ambers story

This is Ambers story

So my past hamster had died a while ago and I really was missing having a little furry friend around so my dad said we would get one on Christmas Eve so the afternoon of Christmas Eve we went to petco and all they had was boy hamsters they did have some really cute baby ones though it was hard to leave them there hope they get nice loving homes like the girls a little more) so we went to a petsmart and they too just had boys but we figured out why( actually we asked and a employee answered) and they said that some petsmarts had females and some had boys it’s very unlikely that you would find a petsmart that sold both so we went to a different petsmart we went over to the rodent section with our fingers crossed we looked at some cute dwarf hamsters and then we looked at some Syrians and then we looked up towards the top and there was a really cute gray and white one and we found an employee and asked if we could look at her so we did and I knew as soon as I saw her she was the one so we told the employee and we filled out a couple of forms and they put her in the little Petsmart box and we got a few other items for her and we bought them and her and we drove home and she explored her cage it was so cute watching her explore! She loved her wheel she even made a tunnel behind it so we let her get settled for a little bit alone. Hope you enjoyed reading! See ya in the next post. Bye!

Happy new year!

happy new year hope you all get to do something fun! Hope you fulfilled your goals for 2017 and make some good new ones for 2018. Hope you made new friends and memory’s. So happy new year hope you enjoyed 2017 and have a great 2018.


Birthday plans!

My birthday is getting pretty close so I have been making plans and those plans are to go to Delaware for my birthday! I was born in Delaware so I decided to go back and celebrate and since I have a lot of family there we can have a party! Oh the exact date of this years birthday is 1\26\18. The actual party is going to be at my grandmas house and I will invite lots of family.

I’m so exited to spend time with family I don’t get to see them too often. Oh and you won’t believe my friend Anooshahs birthday! The day after mine! So i hope you enjoyed reading see ya in the next post! Bye!

Tuckahoe library reader of the month!

My library holds a competition every month for the title of Tuckahoe library reader of the month. To enter you fill out a form with your name,your Email address,your phone number,your favorite books title and what you like your favorite book. So I filled out a form with the Harry Potter series because it’s my favorite series (I couldn’t choose just one book!) and my mom entered it for me. It had been a couple of weeks and I had forgotten about the whole entire thing but then I got an Email from Tuckahoe library and you can probably guess what it said,

Hi Rowan,

Congratulations! You have been selected to be the Tuckahoe Library Reader of the Month for January 2018 based on your

“favorite book” entry on the Harry Potter series. Then it just said a lot of stuff about the stuff I get and calling people. So I’m not gonna put that on here.

And I can’t believe I got lucky enough to get the award for my birthday month! I guess it’s bday luck!? I just can’t get over it!

I’m also supposed to get a poster of me with the favorite book but I didn’t put in a book I put in a series but I’m sure we will work it out though. As soon as I get the poster I will post a picture on here so see ya!