Iā€™m Back!

Hi I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry about that šŸ˜…. Well there are a bunch of things that have happened recently.

Actually now that I think about it it’s actually quite a long list. So I’m just gonna list that stuff that is actually important.

1. First of all I now have several apps to connect through and YouTube is now one of them. You can check out my YouTube channel, Gacha Shy by clicking right here!

2. We ( as in my brother mom and dad) are moving soon!

3. I started swim team at the YMCA! I am currently in the Bronze group!

The groups are Red, Bronze, Silver, and Gold!

4. My birthday is in about 2 weeks! I will be turning 11! And I am happy to make Fanart for anybody who wants it!


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Summer break!ā˜€ļøšŸšŸŠā€ā™€ļøšŸŠā€ā™‚ļøšŸ–ā›±

I am really exited today because summer break has finally started and I don’t even know what to do first! We have a swimming pool in our apartment complex so we are probably gonna go swimming today. And yesterday we got some new floats from Target that are a lot of fun to use! Also sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been really lazy šŸ˜…!

I have also made an account on a app called Recolor it is a really fun coloring app where you can publish your pictures and also you can like and comment! My username on Recolor is Amberhammy!

Thank you for reading, bye!

(Sorry this post is a day late)

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Recently I got a new app called Duolingo. It is an app to learn languages, on it I am learning French. I have been interested in French for a while now. When I first got the app me and my friends were exploring it and we added Spanish and Korean to my course without knowing you could not delete languages from your course. So now if you go to my profile on Duolingo it will say I am learning French, Spanish, and Korean. Which is a little annoying. Something I really do like about the app is it’s game like structure, you earn gems by doing lessons and you can spend those gems on all kinds of things, for instance, you can spend them on hearts. You start out with five hearts you lose a heart every time you get a question wrong, when you lose all your hearts you either can buy more with gems, wait and they will come back or practice to earn more! Duolingo is a super fun app and I really recommend it for anybody who is learning a new language!

Thank you for reading, bye!

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Virginia Beach Aquarium! šŸ šŸŸšŸ¬šŸ³šŸ¦ˆšŸŠšŸ¢šŸ”šŸ¦€šŸ¦šŸ™šŸš

Yesterday we went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium and in their second building they have a bird area and in that bird area is the sweetest bird I have ever met! Her name is Russel, she is an American crow, she has arthritis in her right foot and she can talk!

She can mimic police cars and she can say what and hello. I’ve heard her make all her noises but what, when she says hello it sounds like a person!

I could not get a photo of her because the wiring they use as a barrier has large enough holes that you can see her through but you can’t really take a good photo.

VA beach aquarium is a large tourist location, I met a lady from Massachusetts who was visiting from there! They have a gift shop where I got a dolphin necklace:From my house it was about a 2hour drive to the aquarium. You should go sometime if you live close!

Thank you for reading, bye!

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Me and my mom and brother just went to Target and a baby shower and at Target I got some stickers and I think they are soooooooo cute! šŸ˜ They are both from American Greetings co. My favorite sticker of the pets one is the rainbow unicorn Pomeranian, and my favorite one from the other set is the pineapple sticker! Here is a photo of all the stickers organized!

Me and my friend Susan both collect stickers and trade them once a week so it’ll be so much fun trading them soon!

Comment and tell me which one is your favorite! Thanks for reading, bye!

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LES Overnight!

LES(living earth school) is a program where kids 8+ can get outside and learn what plants are edible, how to make a fire, the names of trees etc. It’s so much fun, I have been doing it since March and this is the last class for this session and it’s an overnight and I’m so exited! We are going to be camping, playing games, storytelling, eating and more! It’s gonna be my first camping trip! Yesterday we went to REI to get a sleeping bag, spork, and pajamas. And I think I. Perfectly prepared, I Bri g to much stuff to name! Wish me luck, I’m leaving in a couple minutes!

Happy Mother’s Day, bye!

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My best friend Susan has been wanting a dwarf hamster for quite some time now so we decided that me and her would go to get her hamster (with her parents, of course). And we had plans to on Sunday right after I got back from church. But her dad was on a very tight schedule and I didn’t get to go with her but they didn’t even get a hamster! So it really wasn’t very disappointing. But then Susan and her dad went to the store and Susan’s straight A+s made her dad pretty much drive her to Petco and get her a hamster! Susan is not sure what species of hamster he is but he is some kind of dwarf hamster. When she got him his name was Pepper but that wasn’t his official name, she renamed him Basil the day after and then 2 days after that she renamed him pepper! Here are some photos of him:

Thanks for reading please comment and tell me what you think! Bye!

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Healthy kids day!

Yesterday at the Tuckahoe family YMCA it was healthy kids day! They had a big party with a petting zoo, bouncy slide, bouncy obstacle course, pot a plant, nature trail, rock wall, DJ, face paint, Kona ice, and more! At the party my favorite things were petting the animals eating my Kona ice and watching my brother on the rock wall.

A lot of people came to the party so there were pretty long lines for pretty much everything! I think the longest line was probably for face painting.

Nutzy the Flying Squirrels mascot came and played with kids and goats! While at the petting zoo Nutzy was knocked over by two adorable (tiny) goats šŸ˜‚!

Also in this post am going to do a shout out to one of my email followers who will go unnamed, he is also a friend from YMCA childcare (he too came to health kids day)

They do this event yearly so if you are interested in going in 2019 you can visit this link:

Healthy Kids Day!

Hope you enjoyed reading, bye!