A beautiful day

So today I got really lucky because it is so beautiful outside today!so this is the first post I’m doing outside so please comment and tell me if you liked it so here’s a picture of my outback area.it is a little cloudy but the breeze makes up for it most days in Atlanta are burning hot but I guess the weather likes me today!Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  My to do list for today yay!

  1. Go to church to drop off items
  2. Wait till friends get home from school
  3. Play with friends
  4. Hand out dog walking posters
  5. Go to dads work
  6. Come home
  7. Look through other people’s blogs
  8. Maybe do another post
  9. Play with and feed peachs πŸ‘
  10. Look at YouTube videos while brother is going to bed
  11. Read saige paints the sky
  12. Go to bed

Now that is the end of this post so bye for now<<<<<<<


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